The most exciting way to explore Taroko Gorge

The most exciting way to explore Taroko Gorge is to join one of the unique tours, such as Freewheel Bike and Hike, operated by local B&B owner Rihang. He has an unparalled passion to share the wonders of the gorge with his guests:

Bike-and-Hike is our most popular tour and is Rihang's recommended way of exploring the Taroko Gorge. It is TG's signature tour and is enjoyed by many guests.

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An 8-seater Volkswagen Van will take your group and the bikes up the gorge 20km to the first trail head - Baiyang Waterfall Trail. After each hike, FREE-WHEEL down the gorge on the main road to the next trail head. There are total of 7 trails. Freewheel back to Taroko Lodge after the last trail, or whenever you decide to call it a day.

This is a wonderful way to explore the gorge, and requires only a modest fitness level. All bicycles are well maintained, and come with proper helmets, lights, water, and well designed maps with trails clearly marked.

This full day tour will take you on an active and unforgettable journey in the Taroko Gorge. It usually take over 7 hours to complete the entire tour, so not everyone would finish the full tour in a single day, and some continue the fun after a good night's sleep in Taroko Lodge.

We can pickup a picnic lunch at 7-11 before we begin, or dine at one Rihang's recommended restaurants.

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A note about the bikes :

Some trails require a return trip back to the mainroad, and some do not. For the former, just leave the bikes UNLOCKED at the trail head. They're registered and protected by the police, for use at Taroko and north of Taitung. Guests NEED NOT compensate in case of loss or theft.

1st Stop: Baiyang Waterfall Trail(白楊步道)

Altitude: 480m

Trail Length: 2.1 km

Est. Time: 2h Image 03 The Baiyang Waterfall Trail is characterized by the number of tunnels. Beginning with the entrance tunnel of 380m to the last tunnel before Water Curtain. You will pass through seven tunnels along the 2.1km trail.

2st Stop: Lushui Trail(綠水步道)

Altitude: 410m

Trail Length: 2km

Est. Time: 1h Image 04 Lushui Trail is a well maintained and easy to hike trail that is suitable for all ages. It takes around one hour to finish the 2km trail. This scenic path features forests, cliffs, a variety of plant species, and traces of the Japanese occupation period. At the beginning of the trail is located the Lushui Geological Exhibition Center, where you can learn about the natural forces which created Taroko Gorge.

3rd Stop: Tunnel of Nine Turns(九曲洞隧道步道)

Altitude: 310m

Trail Length: 1220m

Est. Time: 40m Image 05 This is the most magnificent part of Taroko Gorge, where the sheer cliffs face each other. The Jiuqudong tunnel was constructed 1996, so that the visitors can view the rock folds, joints and faults of the marble cliffs. The two cliffs are so close to each other, and it looks like they are joining to each other if seen from afar. This section has the reputation of "Nine Turns of the Coiled Dragon". The distance between the cliffs is only around 10-meters wide. In the small gap in the rocks, the narrow Kelan River's rush by, forming a "Fish leaping across the dragon gate" scenery. Have you seen a fish swimming upstream? The trail is a must-see point and one should stop by and enjoy the spectacular scenery that has been formed by tens of thousands of years of river erosion. The number nine in Chinese implying "many" is heavily used in Chinese expression.

4th Stop: Swallow Grotto Trail(燕子口步道)

Altitude: 274m

Trail Length: 1372m

Est. Time: 10-30m Image 06 Along the Swallow Grotto Trail which runs about a half kilometer starting from the entrance to Swallow Grotto to the Jinheng Bridge, you can enjoy the sights of the Liwu River from nearly straight above the water, the potholes on the cliff faces, the springs sprinkled along the lower parts of the walls, as well as the famous rock formation "Chieftain's profile rock".

5th Stop: Buluowan Trail(布洛灣步道)

Altitude: 370m

Trail Length: 400m

Est. Time: 20m Image 07 Buluowan is divided into Upper Terrace and Lower Terrace. You can walk on a trail to visit the river valley from the Lower Terrace. Then you can proceed to the service station, exhibition halls and Idas (meaning moon in the Taroko tribe language) Hall see both the arts and crafts of the Taroko Tribe and multimedia presentations. Up the slope to Mountain Moon (Shanyue) Village, the Formosa lily is probably the main attraction for spring visitors to Buluowan. The lily season is from mid April to mid May. On the upper terrace, go through the service center of Leader Village Hotel and there is a 300 meter Bamboo Groves trail, where you can observe the strangling fig trees.

6th Stop: Shakadang Trail(砂卡礑步道)

Altitude: 60m

Trail Length: 4.1 km

Est. Time: 3-4h Image 08 Shakadang Trail is also known as "Mysterious Valley Trail" and was renamed to "Shakadang Trail" in 2001. This trail is built along the river cliff so travelers can easily observe both the rock folds and plant ecosystem beside in the river valley. After 4.5km you will arrive at 3D Cabin –phonetic sound Sanjianwu, which is the favorite of visitors.. After the first curve there is a deep pool with clear water that has enchanted many visitors. In May, it is the season when Tung tree flowers bloom, making the trail a pleasant flower hallway with flowers filling the air like snow flakes.

7th Stop: Taroko Terrace Trail(太魯閣台地步道)

Altitude: 60m

Trail Length: 1 km

Est. Time: 30m Image 09 The Taroko Terrace Trail is a 1 kilometre walking trail in Taroko National Park that takes about 30 minutes to complete. It starts out at the Taroko Visitor's Centre, where all visitors to the park are recommended to stop by before starting off on their explorations. Note that several portions of the trail require the climbing of some steps which may be quite tiring. However, it is a comfortable trail on the whole, and suitable for families to walk together. Visitors can admire the beautiful scenery of broad-leafed forests as they make their way through the Taroka Terrace Trail. You might even spot some birds, bees, beetles and other insects that live in the area around the trail.

Tour Price

1050 NT per person.

Includes: dropoff, pickup, bike rental Excludes: Food and beverage.

Lastly, freewheel back to Taroko Lodge.

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